• Athena Ives

How Can You Help Fight Child Sexual Exploitation

• Talk to your kids! See what they are doing online • Donate to groups that are gathering evidence on predators to put them away in prison: Thorn and Deliver Fund are doing incredible work in tracking these monsters online. • Become a foster parent • Talk to your kid’s friends and see how they are doing • See what your local schools are doing to help fight the increase of severity in child abuse injuries • Research your states foster care, missing children, and CPS laws • Find organizations that provide schooling or job skills to foster kids that are about to age out of the system • We are a melting pot of culture. Research other countries' views on child brides, sex with children, etc. • Research the USA and the major issues we are having with Child Brides • Look into missing foster kid cases and share their photos all over social media • Share stories of amazing foster parents

Donate to organizations you have vetted, especially make sure to look at their tax returns so you can see where they spend their $.

Educate your children about the dangers out there. Check out what they are doing online. Limit the hours of the day they spend online. If a predator sees your child is online from 11-2am every night, they are going to see this as a vulnerability and potentially target that child.

Find reliable sources to learn from such as Peer-Reviewed articles, Human trafficking reports, NonProfits that publish yearly reports, DHS, FBI, RAINN, Polaris...

Be a Good human that doesn't turn a blind eye when you see that something is not right. If you see inappropriate behavior report it, say something!

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